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19 y o atlanta seeking ltr
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InVelsicol, under EPA and state oversight, detected carbon tetrachloride and chloroform in the groundwater 2 next to Pugh Creek, which forms the natural. Exposure to chloroform and carbon tetrachloride poses a potential threat to human health and the environment. The findings of the RI confirmed the presence of chlorinated pesticides and related compounds in Site soils and groundwater corresponding to the wastes identified by Velsicol.

Contamination, specifically chloroform and carbon tetrachloride, was detected in the shallow groundwater approximately one mile from the Site, prior to the aquifer groundwater discharging to Clover Creek. Volatile compounds such as carbon tetrachloride and chloroform have been detected in the shallow aquifer at the greatest distance from the Site. The more persistent compounds such as Endrin and Heptachlor were found only in the groundwater directly beneath the Site.

Groundwater and contaminants in the groundwater continue to flow from the Site towards and through Respondent's property. The groundwater beneath the property is generally believed to be contaminated with constituents from the landfill based on groundwater sampling from the surrounding area. The remedy requires treatment of the groundwater contamination at the Site.

To perform the Remedial Action "RA"Velsicol must install monitoring wells in areas near, or potentially affected by, the Site-related contaminated groundwater plume including on the T. Velsicol'a representative, Mr. Craig Schellbach, met with Respondent's attorney, Mr. Diamond, on Tuesday, July 28,in an effort to obtain access to the T.

Schellbach had already written to Respondent summarizing the remedial activities at the Site and Velsicol's need to perform additional monitoring for groundwater contamination on her property. Diamond indicated during the July 28,meeting that access to the property for the purpose of installing monitoring wells could only be obtained 3 through purchase of the property.

Diamond indicated that he was not amenable to the provision of an easement or purchase of a portion of the property. On September 23,Mr. Schellbach contacted Mr. Diamond and, on behalf of Velsicol Chemical Corporation, offered in writing to purchase the entire acres of the T. Schellbach estimated that Velsicol would only require two acres of the property to accomplish its task. Diamond never responded to Velsicol's written offers. Diamond to discuss access and Velsicol's written offers and was informed by Mr.

Diamond that he was not entertaining Velsicol's September offer.

He also stated that he intended to obtain his own independent appraisal of the property. The Agency most recently attempted to contact Mr. Diamond by written correspondence on November 17, A reply has never been received. Additionally, the Seekibg has left numerous messages with Mr. Diamond's secretary as well as on his answering machine.

As of the date of this Order, Mr. Diamond has not informed the Agency of plans he has made for a second appraisal nor has he responded to the Agency's November 17,correspondence or subsequent telephone calls. Unless officers, employees and representatives of EPA are allowed access to the T. Cannovan Estate for the specific purpose of installing and maintaining monitoring wells, cleanup activities at the Site will have to be postponed, the threat to human health and the environment will be allowed to continue and remedial costs will escalate.

There has been a release of a hazardous substance from the Site which requires a response action. This Order shall apply to and be binding upon Respondent and her agents, successors and ass. No change in ownership or corporate or partnership status, will in any way alter Respondent's responsibilities under this Order. Respondent shall provide a copy of this Order to any person other than EPA or EPA's authorized representatives to whom Respondent allows access to the property for any purpose including any tenant.

Cannovan Estate for the purpose of conducting activities required to complete the Remedial Action at the Site in accordance with the following paragraphs: A. Respondent shall provide Velsicoi and its contractors and EPA and its contractors unimpeded access to the property known as the T. Cannovan Estate, located in Hardeman County, Tennessee, for the purposes set forth herein.

The activities to be undertaken by Velsicol and its representatives on the property during the Remedial Action include, but are not limited to: i. Access to the property shall be provided for a period of forty-eight months from the effective date hereof. Seking e 3. Respondent shall not interfere in any way with the Remedial Action being conducted at the T. Cannovan Estate, nor shall they attempt to interfere with any additional work determined by EPA to be necessary.

Any such interference shall be deemed a violation of this Order. Sectionshe may assert a confidentiality claim with respect to any information obtained by EPA in the course of activities performed at the Site under the authority of this Administrative Order. Information accorded protection by 18 U. Section includes information relating to or concerning trade secrets, processes, 199, style, of work, or amount or source of any income, profits, losses, or expenditures of any person, firm, partnership, corporation or association.

Within twenty-four hours of seeeking of this Administrative Order, Respondent may request a conference with EPA to discuss this Administrative 6 Order. Any such conference shall be held within five 5 business days of the date of the request. At any conference held pursuant attlanta a request by the Respondent, Respondent may appear by an attorney or other representative. Respondent should contact Susan Munger, Assistant Regional Counsel, at the above noted telephone to arrange eeeking a conference.

Any comments which Respondent may have regarding this Administrative Order, its applicability, the correctness of any factual determination upon which the Administrative Order is based, or any other relevant and material issue must be reduced to writing and submitted to EPA within three 3 business days following the conference, or if no. This Administrative Order shan De ettective on the seventh calender day following receipt by the Respondent unless a conference is requested as provided above.

If a conference is requested, this Administrative Order shall become effective five 5 business-days seekingg the date of the.

In the event that such notice is not received by EPA' on or before the effective date of this'Order, Respondent shall be deemed not to have complied zeeking the terms of this Administrative Order. Stewart Assistant Attorney General U. Department of Justice P.

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Elmore, Sr. Elmore and Betty K. Pearson, respectively. The other parts of the properties are adjacent to the Site.

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The properties affected by this petition, as identified izi the attached map, are lotalso known as lotowned by Ms. Betty K. Pearson, and lotconsisting of parcels 6, 8, 10 and 12, owned by Mr. William J. Elmore and 1 wife Carolyn F. The deeds related to these properties are hereby attached. The Elmore Waste Disposal Superfund Site is located on parcel 6 of Lot atlahta, on part of lot: lot and on part of parcel 8 of Lot During that period, an undetermined of drums, estimated in an amount to drums, containing hazardous substances were placed at the Site.

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Some of these drums were deteriorated and their contents leaked to the ground. Carolyn F. Elmore E. Poinsett St. These contaminants have been found at levels that exceed Federal Drinking Water Standards in at least one groundwater sample at the Site. Sin June The Hazardous Ranking System ased the Site a rank of The Agency did not use the special notice letter mechanism.

Therefore, no moratorium was invoked regarding the Site. Lotalso known as lot or parcel is owned by co-defendant Betty Pearson. Lotcomposed of parcels or lots 6, 8, 10 and 12, is owned by co-defendant William J.

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Access to the Site is crucial. On January 29. The letter addressed to Ms. Pearson was claimed by someone called Michael Bramlett, whom she alleges is her ex-husband. During a. Pearson held with Ramiro Llado. Assistant Regional Counsel, she stated that she never received the letter. Steven Sandler, the Remedial Project Manager in charge of the Elmore Waste Disposal Superfund Site, also met each party at a public meeting held on the site on March 22,and answered questions regarding site access.

Llado, at Ms. Betty Pearson's request, called her on April 6,to answer additional concerns over site access. On May 14, atlsnta. EPA sent certified letters to proposed Defendants explaining trie necessity of access and requesting that they either the access agreement or contact J with any questions they may have within five 5 days of receipt. The return receipts show that these letters were effectively received by proposed Defendants.

No response was made to the letters. Furthermore, Mr. Sandler had telephone conversations with Mr.

William Elmore on May 17, May 18, and May 21 atlanya answer questions on aspects of site access. Elmore indicated that he wanted EPA to post a bond because he was concerned over potential damage to his property. Sandler explained him that site access was requested for the Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study, and that any possible remedial action would involve a separate site access agreement.

Accordingly, no major disruption to the-properties is expected. EPA letters clearly stated that failure to the access agreement would result in EPA seeking judicial relief to gain access. To date, EPA has not received an executed access agreement or any written response. Attachments Ktr. Draft Complaint II. Document Exhibi t. Exhibit 15 Letter of January 19,addressed to Mr. Jack Scott atlsnta Mr. Charles K. Wilson, employees of Ecology and Environment, Inc.

Christopher A. The use and admissibility in lltr of the above mentioned Exhibits should be judged by the DOJ attorney that will handle the case. SS and band 28 U. SS and Declaratory relier is authorized by 28 U. S b and 28 U. Sbecause this claim arises in connection with property located in this judicial district. The defendants William J.

Elmore, and Carolyn F. Elmore, husband and wife, and Betty K. Pearson are the current owners of the properties which are the subject of this enforcement action. The properties affected by this action, as identified in the map included as Exhibit "1", are lotalso known as lotowned by Ms.

The deeds related to these properties are hereby attached as Exhibits "2, 3 and 4". These properties are located adjacent to the Site. Entry to both, the Site and the adjacent properties, is requested through the present action. Located at the intersection of Sunnyside Drive and Poinsett Street, the Site is a grassy field approximately one-half acre in size. However, the combined area of the affected properties consisting of the Site plus the adjacent properties, identified in Exhibit "1" as Lot Lot and Lot Parcels 6, 8, 10 and 12 is approximately 1.

The Elmore Waste Disposal Site is surrounded by a highway, five residences, two sets of railroad tracks, ah empty building formerly a cocktail loungeand an asphalt plant. The empty building and a residence border seejing site to the south. Four residences along Sunnyside Drive border the site to the west, and another set of the CSX Railroad tracks borders the site to the north. I look forward to hearing from you, if you want a serious, long-term, frotting, friendship and possible Atlana.

I'm 5"4', ish lbs and about 6.

Not too hairy, fit. I'm looking for an yr old masculine, fit guy to get to know and have some discreet fun with. Steve Looking for frot partner I'm in sw ga Albany and I would like to find a frot buddy. I'm hoping there's someone in this area who is looking for the same. Please reply if you are near and would like to get to know each other. Haven't had a jousting session since Seeknig was young, but lately I can't get it out of my head!

I'm looking for a discreet buddy to reacquaint myself with what is to this day my favorite act of intimacy which to my surprise and delight has both atlants name and what seems to be a pretty widespread following in the adult community -- I'm so glad this doesn't have to remain a pleasure of the past! I'm 19 years old, Caucasian, 6'1" weighing in somewhere around lbs.

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A little over 7 inches, cut; sparse body hair; very clean and of course disease-free. Low-key, easygoing, and very discreet, I identify as straight and carry myself accordingly. Looking for someone within years of my age, preferably masculine and fit, with below-the-waist measurements comparable to my own though if you're hiding a footlong behind that zipper I won't complain. I'm also very interested in getting to know you, developing a real and lasting friendship, so meeting for coffee somewhere and learning a little about one another is how I'd like to start things.

Based in Gwinnett County, but willing to travel within reason, I'm looking for something simple, platonic in nature and appearance -- in short, a friend with whom I can share a private pastime i. Never been too crazy about the make-out scene, but kissing isn't an absolute objection, and I'm a sucker for spooning. Penetrative sex of any kind is naturally off the table. I live with several roommates so I'm afraid I can't host, but as I said I'm more than willing to come to you.

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So if any of this rubs you the right way pun intendedshoot me an with stats or, better yet, pics. Here's to what I hope is the beginning of an exciting new companionship. Todd Atlanta area masculine guy looking for ongoing Frot bud Atypical masc guy here looking for an ongoing frot bud in the Atlanta area. I like the feeling of rubbing cocks with another guy and sharing fraternal intimacy and friendship. Generally attracted to a guy within 10 years of my age.

A sense of humor is a huge plus and a kind heart is a must. Looking for a great guy! Finally have discovered the term for what I like to do most.

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I am very personable and get along with most everyone. Nobody over please! Billy Looking for frot partner in SW Georgia. There is still too little focus in the tired, boring, dangerous, non-erotic 'Rectal Obsessed' world we live in. Long as it's legal. Cleveland area. Want to do things together like; fishing, going to a movie, out to eat, walking, just staying in listening to music, or watching tv.

I haven't had a frot buddy since I was a teen. But I sure do think about it alot! Looking forward to having one again soon, to relive some memories and create some new ones with you. Waiting to hear from you. Contact me at James Hope it's soon. Lawrenceville outdoors lover looking Looking for a companion with similar interests. I'm into anything outdoors.

White water rafting, off-roading in my jeep, swimming, fishing, canoeing, and hiking. Looking for a true friend to share these pleasures with and enjoy fringe benefits including a good grind in the woods and water. Must be discreet married.

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