Must-see Functions of Gangnam Chowon Home


Gangnam Chowon Home is a lovely historic estate in the heart of Gangnam, among Seoul’s most dynamic and contemporary districts. This spectacular house was built during the Joseon Empire and is an archetype of traditional Korean design. Right here are some of the must-see attributes of 강남초원의집 that site visitors should be sure to take a look at:

The Key Hall

The Key Hall of Gangnam Chowon House is the focal point of the manor and is a stunning instance of typical Oriental design. The Main Hall features a vast courtyard, beautiful wood flooring, and a delicately designed ceiling adorned with comprehensive patterns and decorations. The Hall also has several other vital features: a conventional fireplace and a perfectly crafted wooden door.

The East Wing

The East Wing of 강남초원의집 is an additional vital area to check out. This area of the mansion is devoted to the living quarters of your house and includes numerous typical Korean-style spaces. Each room is furnished with standard Korean furniture and enhanced with stunning artwork and other decorative items.

The Yard

The Garden of Gangnam Chowon Home is among the mansion’s most lovely and relaxed areas. This beautifully designed yard includes a selection of trees, flowers, various other plants, and numerous standard Korean-style structures. Visitors can stroll through the garden, delight in the peaceful atmosphere, or sit and appreciate a favorite while taking in the gorgeous surroundings.

The Cooking area

The Kitchen Area of Gangnam Chowon Residence is essential to check out. This area of the manor is committed to the preparation and also storage of food and also includes numerous traditional Oriental food preparation tools and also home appliances. Visitors can learn about the standard cooking methods and ingredients utilized in the Joseon Dynasty and try their hand at making some typical Korean recipes.

The Gallery

The Museum of Gangnam Chowon Home is a terrific area to get more information regarding the background and society of the estate and the surrounding location. The gallery includes a selection of artifacts, photos, and various other items connected to the ground and also the culture of the Joseon Empire and Gangnam. Site visitors can learn about the multiple aspects of daily life throughout this time and obtain a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of Korea.